You have a voice. You have a vision. You have a mission. You have what it takes to be a leader in feminine health and hygiene, and we're here to cheer you on!

Learn to #ShareTheCare with other young Filipinas. Take charge of your feminine journey, inspire others, and celebrate pH Care's 20th year of empowering women! Be a part of our mission to uplift and support women's health and hygiene!

Main Quest

Main Quest

Level up your fem care game with the #ShareTheCare Quest! Explore informative materials and win rewards every time you complete them! Together, let's conquer fem care for every Filipina!

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Inside the Girls’ CR

The Girls’ CR is where the secrets are spilled! Uncover the essentials you need to chat about with your friends here!

5 Ways To Support Your Friends in Their Feminine Health Journey

5 Ways To Support Your Friends in Their Feminine Health Journey

Support your squad in their feminine health journey with these five ways to show them your love and encouragement!

What Kind Of Bestie Are You?<

What Kind Of Bestie Are You?

What’s your bestie style? Are you the protector, the entertainer, or the supporter? Take the quiz to find out!

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5 Things We Should Normalize When Going Through Puberty

We're spilling the tea on 5 ways to #ShareTheCare and show some love to your gal pals!

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3 Ways to Share Positivity Within Your Squad

Discover practical tips to uplift your friends and create a safe space for them!

A Silent Film

pH Care Presents: A Silent Film

Safe spaces are more than cozy corners and inspirational quotes. They are also meant to create safe havens to encourage girls to talk about tough conversations such as feminine health and hygiene. As you journey towards your own feminine care education, find out how you can be a safe space for others. Watch “pH Care Presents: A Silent Film” and just like Karina, find your voice, have a safe corner, and be one for others.

safe space
#careu wall #careu wall #careu wall

Here are some snaps we took during #CareU as we talk about feminine health care and hygiene on different campuses in the Philippines!


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